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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the ManageEngine purchasing / licensing options?

There are two purchasing / license options available from ManageEngine, namely an Annual Subscription and a Perpetual License with Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS) .

The Annual Subscription option includes the following for the period that the subscription is active:
  • The rights to use the product
  • Non-SLA based Remote Technical Support
  • The rights to download and install product maintenance

The <span style="font-weight:bold;"><span style="font-size:16px;">Perpetual License with Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS)</span></span> option has two parts:

Part 1: Perpetual License
  • The perpetual rights to use the version of the product available at the time of purchase

Part 2:

  • Non-SLA based Remote Technical Support
  • The rights to download and install product maintenance

The motivation and pricing options for selecting one of these two purchasing options vary by organisation, however typical considerations include:

Consideration Annual Subscription Perpetual License with AMS
 Upfront CostsLowerHigher
Total Cost of OwnershipLower TCO under ~4 Years  Lower TCO over ~4 Years
 Organizational StrategyPrefer Flexible Subscriptions Prefer  Long-Term Control of Product Access
2. What additional Services should we consider?

Additional Services to consider purchasing include:
  • Design and Implementation Consulting

    Whilst many of the ManageEngine solutions are designed to be as easy to use as possible, additional product knowledge and expertise can expedite the time to value you can gain       from the solution

  • On-Site SLA-based Support

    If the solutions you have selected are critical to the operation of your business, then you should consider an SLA with guaranteed on-site response

  • Training

    Get the best performance from your staff by enabling them with training on the products they need to administer and use on a day to day basis

  • Certification

    Technical Certification can give your staff a sense of achievement and your organization a level of assurance for your investment in the solution


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