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ADAudit Plus Workshop Series

Join our product expert and gain insights on the ways to address all your #ActiveDirectory auditing, alerting, and compliance requirements using ADAudit Plus. Save your spot now: https://zcu.io/7iej

ADManager Plus Workshop Series

Join our product expert and learn how you can master #ActiveDirectory, Exchange and Office 365 administration using ADManager Plus. Save your spot now: https://zcu.io/ZPAP

ADSelfService Plus Webinar

Tips and tricks to enhance your remote employees' password self-service experience. Register now to learn more.


Log360 webinar

Curious to know what security events to track in your network? Register for our free webinar to know about five anomalies every security team must watch out for in their network:


Applications Manager webinar

Attend our free webinar to learn how you can ensure your applications run perfectly even during these uncertain times.

Register here: https://zcu.io/UA9d

Site 24x7 e-workshop

Register for our e-workshop and learn everything you need to know about augmenting your internet services monitoring.

AEST: https://zcu.io/u9I0

Active Directory & IT Security Virtual Seminar

The frequency of data breaches and its associated costs are on the rise. Attend our Active Directory  & IT Security virtual seminar and find out why a SIEM solution holds the key to securing your IT environment.

Save your spot now: https://zcu.io/98Xb

ADAudit Free webinar

PowerShell is a powerful command-line tool that was introduced to help administrators automate critical tasks. However, now it's increasingly being used for malicious purposes. Attend this webinar to learn how to detect malicious PowerShell use and protect your organization from security breaches!

OpManager Training Series

Learn ways to maximize infrastructure performance by proactively identifying and troubleshooting network faults with OpManager.

Join OpManagerā€™s four-part training series now. https://zcu.io/JksL